Not sure why you would want to see a picture of me - but anyway, you got it. That's me
on the left - Ann, my first wife and lover on the right.

I was born and bred in the great state of Western Australia, a long way from the rest of
the world. I attended Ashfield Primary School, but only lasted a year and a bit at Cyril
Jackson High School.

My family was very outdoorsy, so I got to see lots of great places and at age 16, received
my first camera - a Kodak fixed lens 35mm. I started into transparencies from that time
and now have boxes of the things that never see the light of day, though I have been
picking out the best, scanning and printing them for the family album. I have made up an
album of the many cars, 4x4s and other vehicles I have owned over the years. I bought
my first 35mm, a small Pentax something with fixed lens, at 18 years of age and later had a Ricoh SLR with screw-on lens. The last film
camera was a Pentax MZ50 - then I went digital. I have just replaced my Fuji 600Z with a Sony Cyber-shot HX200V at 18.2 megapixels.

I married the girl next door in 1973, after being the best of friends for 8 years, and have been together ever since. We have two sons, one is
with the Australian Army where he has the rank of Captain and is stationed in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. He is married with five
children. Our younger son is working on a tunnel boring machine under London, UK, and is recently married to an English girl.

I have always loved good photography and regret not pursuing it as a career, or at least as a more dedicated amateur, though that is being
fulfilled more of late with the shift into digital. Having good equipment is half the battle, and I am fortunate that this has been achieved, allowing
me to concentrate more on the content side of my hobby. I also do a few other websites: is another Australian photo website I
have and is well worth a visit; is a site for the Christian Brethren churches in Western Australia; is our home
church at Lynwood Christian Church; and is a photo site I created for a friend of mine, Dave Cook.  

I hope you enjoy my photos - there will be lots more to come, but please, do not use any of my images for commercial purposes.

Cheers,  Max.                                                                                                                                                           Contact:
My Journey
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