Spiritland.net - Photo website of Australia and her people - by Max Jefferies, with other contributing photographers.

IHS-WA.net - Information site on churches and mission, beliefs and practice associated with the Christian Brethren in Western Australia .

Lynwood Christian Church - My home church in Perth, Western Australia.

A Curious World - Photo & Info site by photographers, David & Margaret Cook, visiting many places world wide, including dive sites.

Creation Ministries International - Australia - Defending the Bible against the fallacies of evolution theories.

Answers In Genesis - Scientific Evidence for the Biblical view of Creation.

Chick Publications - Little Tracts of Life.

Concerned Christian Growth Ministries - Helpful and accurate information relating to cultic groups and religions.

Koorong Books - Christian bookstore.

Bible Gateway - Audio Bibles On-line - Hear God's Spoken Word Today.

Growing Families Australia - Parenting Resources for Aussie Families. I actually get paid to administer this website.

Ruma Abedona Hospice - Palliative-care centre in West Bengal, India.

WORD Bookstore - Australian christian bookstores

Youth With A Mission - Perth - Committed to global evangelism, to make Jesus Christ known in all nations.
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